Imagine being able to supercharge your nutrition without straying from whole foods. What if you could optimise the meals and snacks you love so that every last bite packs power? Now imagine you could keep your diet plant-based, additive-free and organic, too. Sound too good to be true?

Well. That’s exactly what we imagined at Profusion. Something about honouring our bodies with exercise and then downing powders chock-a-block with artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners seemed plain wrong to us. Why not take it back to nature? We thought it must be possible to extract the most nutrient-dense foods from the plant world and combine them cleverly, to create fuel perfect for active bodies and brains.
So that’s what we did.

We’ve harnessed nature’s most powerful foods and combined them for perfect pre- and post- workout nourishment. Fuel your mind, body and soul with our plant-based goodness.

Natural, whole, vegan, organic. And delicious.

Our purpose

We create optimum pre- and post- workout nutrition that will nourish your mind, body and soul. From naturally protein-boosted bread; protein packed lentil pasta and superfood spreads, right down to Himalayan salts for mineral-rich seasoning and restorative muscle soaks.


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