Is Kombucha wellness in a bottle?

How functional drinks have changed the mindset of millennials in the search for healthier fizzy alternatives…


With 2018 being the year of all things gut friendly, the growth in popularity of the once obscure fermented tea drink is now quite the norm with over a million posts tagging #kombucha on Instagram and people at home even getting in on the action by brewing their own from scratch! The increasing popularity of kombucha reflects the overall trend towards health and wellness and the importance of understanding how to keep a healthy gut and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly among millennials.


But why is kombucha so popular? Firstly, it’s associated with an array of health benefits, such as improving gut health, immune boosting properties, detoxification and promoting joint health. Not only is kombucha considered pretty healthy, affirming its status as a functional drink, it’s also readily available in an endless list of flavour combinations. From ginger, turmeric and lemon to maca, coconut and pineapple, there’s a flavour to suit all kinds of taste buds. Kombucha also has a pleasant fizziness, a natural result of the fermentation process, making it a great alternative to conventional fizzy drinks that people love so much, but with less of the sugar and more of the healthy bacteria! So surely, it’s no wonder more and more people are gravitating towards this ‘elixir of life’ as Japanese Samurai warriors once named it!


If you haven’t tried Kombucha before and want to try it, luckily, it’s not too hard to come by, thanks to the growing thirst for healthier fizzy drinks. Kombucha can be found in most health food shops around the UK, including Wholefoods and Planet Organic, and if you haven’t already noticed, it’s also starting to appear on the shelves at some of the major supermarkets (you can find the Profusion range on Ocado!) As well as in major supermarkets, you might also spot kombucha making an appearance in many cafes and restaurants too… There’s no denying it, this probiotic powerhouse is more desirable than ever, and we think it’s here to stay!

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