Reasons why you should be drinking Kombucha post-workout

Drinking Kombucha is fast becoming known as one of the best things you can do for your health, and if you’re into health food then you’ve probably heard all about the amazing health benefits fermented foods can provide you with. But maybe you didn’t know, that as well as being packed with nutritional benefits, Kombucha is a great post-workout drink too!

At Profusion we’re all about getting as many nutrient dense ingredients into your daily diet as possible, which Is why we’ve packed all of our kombucha’s with additional superfoods. From the anti-inflammatory turmeric to the antioxidant packed baobab as well as maca and blueberry. All of which are the perfect addition to your post-workout refuel! Let us tell you why…


  • The properties in Kombucha can help heal, repair and prevent joint damage. By supporting joint collagen, it can prevent arthritic pain after working out, helping you to recover faster. By combining hydration and health promoting nutrients Kombucha is a healthier alternative to the artificial sports drinks that are out there!


  • In addition to small amounts of caffeine, Kombucha contains energising B vitamins and Iron. The iron may increase oxygen flow around the body, helping you refuel after your workout and stay energised!


  • Kombucha contains numerous amounts of antioxidants, enough to help combat free-radicals that can be produced during exercise. Consuming Kombucha and foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, and you’re onto a winner. (Psst. we’ve combined both in our Profusion Blueberry Pro+ Kombucha!)


  • By helping increase diversity of gut bacteria, drinking Kombucha may in turn help with your immune system, detoxification, digestion & nutrient absorption and energy. Perfect for when your body needs to recover after a tough workout!


  • We all know about the post workout endorphins, but we also know how tired a workout can make you, especially if you’ve had a tough session! By drinking our enhanced Kombucha with turmeric, lemon & ginger, the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties of turmeric can help rid that post workout fatigue and give you that much needed boost of energy to keep you going throughout the day.


  • It’s a great alternative to sugary fizzy drinks with it being both low in calories and sugar – so it’s definitely the healthier choice! Quench your thirst with our Baobab, Mint & Pomegranate Kombucha after your workout to increase your alertness and avoid the sugar crash and empty calories!


  • If weight loss is your goal, drinking kombucha, especially when made from green tea (all Profusion Kombucha is made from the finest organic sencha green tea), may help stimulate your metabolismthroughout the day. Combine this with eating a healthy diet made up of whole foods, and you may see it benefit your whole body.

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