The Best Way to Enjoy an Alcohol-free Christmas: Kombucha Mocktails

December is fast approaching which means before we know it, the festivities will be well under way and for the majority of us, this usually means endless Christmas parties, over indulging and often lots of alcohol consumed! Problematic if you’re a non-drinker, or you’re simply trying to reduce your consumption. So, you might be thinking, now could be the right time to consider cutting back on alcohol…

Here at Profusion, we’re all for having fun and revelling in the Christmas spirit, but this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the next day with a deathly hangover or feeling like alcohol is necessary to have a good time with friends & family. Up until recently, the idea of a non-alcoholic Christmas would have been unthinkable, but with an ever-increasing amount of alternative options, the question begs to be asked, what should we be filling our glasses with instead?

Well we have just the thing, and no it’s not your usual sugar bombs that are usually on offer, instead we are talking about…Kombucha! The kombucha benefits are endless, It’s not only vegan, but with its natural sparkling fizz and endless flavour varieties, it makes the perfect alcohol alternative at Christmas time that is delicious to drink as well as being good for your gut.

Here are some of our favourite festive ways of creating the perfect Christmas mocktail with a healthy twist using our range of Profusion kombucha:


  • Cranberry Kombucha Mule – Simply mix our Profusion Ginger, Turmeric & Lemon Kombucha with nutrient packed cranberry juice, fresh ginger & rosemary for a refreshingly zingy feel-good drink. (If you do somehow end up nursing a hangover, this is also a great pick-me up the next day!)


  • Pomegranate Kombucha mojito – Take Profusion Baobab, Mint & Pomegranate Kombucha and mix with pomegranate juice which is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Serve in a tall glass over ice with lime and fresh raspberries to give the illusion you’re drinking a fancy cocktail!


  • Kombucha Pina Colada – Yes, we admit, this isn’t quite as seasonal, but when it tastes as delicious as this, you won’t be missing out on a thing! Blend coconut milk and our Profusion Pineapple, Coconut & Maca Kombucha with fresh pineapple and orange juice and be transported to the tropics. Orange juice is a great immune booster, thanks to its vitamin and mineral content, giving you a helping hand in fighting off winter colds!


With these kombucha mocktails in hand you won’t be missing out on any of the fun and with interest in alcohol among millennials declining, perhaps we’ll all soon be reaching for the kombucha instead of a glass of bubbly! (But, if an alcohol-free Christmas sounds too Grinch-y to you, then perhaps you’ll give these mighty mocktails a go for your post-Christmas and New Year detox regime instead…)

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